What to expect when your pet has an ultrasound?

  • Ultrasound is a non-invasive and non-painful procedure. 
  • In most cases an ultrasound is a day procedure. You will have an admit consult with one of our vets to discuss your pet’s condition and once the procedure is completed the vet team will discuss the findings with you prior to discharge. If you have been referred to us a full ultrasound report will be forwarded to your regular vet so that a treatment plan can be formulated promptly. 
  • In most cases we will ask that the patient is fasted as gas and food in the gastrointestinal tract can obscure the ultrasound images. 
  • In some cases we will recommend that your pet be sedated for the procedure to help them to relax and to allow us to obtain the best quality images possible. 
  • Your pet will have the hair over the area clipped as the ultrasound is not able to see through hair. 
  • If the initial examination shows that sample collection is indicated this can usually be performed on the same day and will be discussed with you at the time of the procedure. 

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