Adult Wellness

A wellness check once or twice a year is essential to keep your pet healthy and happy. During a check-up, we will carry out a thorough physical examination to identify any possible pre-existing conditions.

Dogs and cats age quicker than us humans and may not show signs of illness, or these signs may be subtle, and owners sometimes miss them. Early detection can improve the prognosis of many diseases, help your pet live longer and minimise ongoing costs or higher costs of treatments required as conditions worsen.

Diagnostic tests such as blood or urine collection may be required to provide us with vital information on your pet’s organ function. These can be performed on site using our extensive range of blood and urine analysers, with results being available promptly so that your pet can start their health treatment plan if required.

Our longer than average consultations will give you plenty of time to discuss any other health care matters that are of interest or concern. For example, diet and nutrition, heartworm prevention, intestinal worming, flea and tick prevention, skin care, behaviour and dental health.

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm